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2017 SLLAW Calendar

Coloring Book!

$10 shipped

2017 SLLAW Calendar

S-XXL Unisex Crew or Ladies V-Neck


$18 Shipped

Stickers / 


$1 add on to shirt/book/koozie order, or $2 shipped

2017 SLLAW Calendar
2017 SLLAW Calendar


$4 shipped, or 2 for $6 

How to purchase:

Saint Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers is a non-profit organization that raises money for local organizations that benefit the people of StL.


Our merchandise is one part fun and one part raising funds for SLLAW -- so that we can continue to provide kickass brawls throughout the year. 

When you purchase a coloring book or a button, you are contributing directly to this conglomerate of awesome. 

Thank you for your support.

Please include the following information when placing an order:

Your Name


What Merch you are purchasing

(size if applicable)

and payment plus shipping

If you're ordering more than one item, please send us an email at

for shipping costs.










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