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Saint Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers, SLLAW
Saint Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers

Saint Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers are currently not accepting any new members during 2020.

SLLAW : Saint Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers have read recent statements from QTPOC: STL, Flower Boi Support, and the The Trans Queer Flat as well as a personal letter by LadyAshley Gregory. This statement called out problematic behavior from Elena Pahl (DJ R.E. Hola) one of our members. SLLAW was also called out for not actively addressing aspects of white supremacy that some members consciously and unconsciously reinforced. We've included a link to this letter at the end of this post.

First and most important: This group collectively and as individual agents want to apologize to QTPOC:STL, Flower Boi, LadyAshley, and other individuals of the QTBIPOC community who have experienced harm. Our actions have caused this harm, and we take responsibility for that. We understand that an apology is not enough, and subsequent accountability needs to take into account both the actions of individual members, as well as the group as a whole.

We are reviewing and taking this information seriously. As a collective, SLLAW will dedicate time this weekend to meet as a group to create an action plan specifically in response to this situation. A more thorough public statement, including that plan, will be available following that discussion. Before SLLAW can move forward as an organization, we must do this work.

We want to thank LadyAshley for her time with us, for her guidance, and for all the labor that she did to help improve us as individuals and as an organization.

Our group made a public statement on Facebook addressing the basis of some of these concerns recently, and we realize there is much more work to do, to which we hereby commit.

Community Accountability Letter Released by QTPOC:STL, Flower Boi, and LadyAshley Gregory

Response to Call for Accountability by Elena Pahl


This statement was originally published on SLLAW's Facebook on 6. 27, 2020..